It’s all about D.O.R.I.S.!!

(Direct Online & Real-time Information System)

As part of our continuous technology development Automotive Logistics we developed D.O.R.I.S. who will empower you to make direct bookings and follow the progress of your vehicle movements – all online.

The system was designed with the customer in mind and allows them to

> book jobs directly on to the system themselves, requesting a delivery date

> bulk upload multiple jobs via a csv template

> add special instructions and documents specific to an individual movement

> track it’s progress from collection to delivery

> download a Proof of Delivery note within seconds of the vehicle being delivered

> download copies of any signed paperwork associated with the movement, i.e. lease document, delivery note etc

For further information and log-ins for D.O.R.I.S. please contact Gary Farrell on 01977 519 719 or email gary.farrell@automotivelogistics.com

 Click on the following links to view our instructional videos

Our Operations Team follow a tried and tested process for all driven vehicle deliveries. Our teams experience is backed up by technology (such as A.M.I. our unique bespoke drivers app – see below) but we don’t just rely on technology! Our aim is to monitor all jobs individually – reducing potential additional costs such as aborts or driver waiting time. Our Customer Service Charter backs up our commitment to you and can be extended with specific and ad-hoc particulars. We reduce the frustrations and burdens of vehicle collection and delivery, allowing businesses to concentrate on core activity.


A.M.I. (Automotive Movement Information)

We have built a unique drivers mobile app A.M.I. (Automotive Movement Information) to ensure vehicle collection and delivery goes without a hitch. Our drivers log all necessary data when collecting and delivering a vehicle. The App demands a certain interaction with you, the client as well. The data ensures we have a full and agreed record of information, and as its live, ensures issues can be addressed quickly.

A.M.I. significantly speeds up the return of collection and delivery advice notes and ancillary paperwork to all our customers.

A link enabling you to download the AML mobile app (when authorised) is available by contacting the Automotive Logistics Office on 01977 519719